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Classic Lash Extension- A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Applying Them


Ready to embrace the world of classic lash extensions? You're in for a treat! With a little practice, you'll be flaunting those stunning lashes like a pro. Follow this easy step-by-step guide to achieve a beautiful, natural look that will have everyone guessing your secret.

Let's get started!

1: Gather Your Supplies

Round up your Libra lash - an excellent classic lash extension, along with a lash applicator, bond & seal, and a mirror. Locate a cozy, well-lit area and prepare to captivate with your charm.

2: Prepare Your Lashes

Let's kick things off by giving your lashes a refreshing cleanse and waving goodbye to any lingering traces of makeup. This magical act sets the stage for your extensions to adhere flawlessly. Keep in mind, a touch of prep paves the way for lash perfection!

3: The Application Process

  1. Pick Up the Lash: Using your fingertip, carefully swipe the lash clusters out of the lash box.

  2. Apply the Bond: Apply a thin coat of bond beneath your natural lash, similar to how you'd apply mascara.
  3. Placement Matters: Position the lash extension close to your natural lash line, but not directly on the skin. We want to aim for a seamless blend between the extension and your natural lashes.
  4. Time to Lash: Hold your lash using the lash applicator and gently place the extension beneath your natural lash. It should stick right to the bond.

  5. Work Your Way: Continue this process. You can start from the outer corner and work your way in for a balanced look.

  6. Lock Your Lash in Place: After applying all the lash clusters you can now lock your lashes in place with the Seal. Apply a small amount of the Seal is key, because it locks your lashes in place for up to 7+ days.

4: Final Touches and Aftercare

Remember, aftercare is key to maintaining those gorgeous classic lash extensions. After all the above, avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours and steer clear of oil-based products that could weaken the adhesive. 

For more detailed after care instructions click here. 



Pro Tips for Seamless Classic Lash Extension Application

You've got your tools ready, your lashes are fluttering with excitement – now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of achieving that flawless classic lash extension look! 

1: Prep Like a Pro

Prepare to be amazed by the game-changer: Lash Bond! Say hello to that perfect link, connecting your natural lashes and extensions. Ready to bond and shine like a star? 

2: The Bonding Dance

Firstly, applying the Bond is where the magic happens. Coat a small layer of lash bond underneath your natural lashes. Next, let it sit for about 20-30 seconds before applying your lash segments.

3: The Art of Placement

Don't forget, lashes are pure art – so placement is your brushstroke of brilliance. Strategically blend various lengths and styles for that oh-so-natural, voluminous charm. Embrace longer lashes on the outer corners and shorter ones on the inner edges for that captivating, doe-eyed magic.

4: Masterful Lash Applicator Technique

Lash Applicator or tweezers might seem intimidating, but they're your lash extensions' best friend. Hold them at a slight angle to isolate individual lashes and pick up extensions with precision. As a result, this technique is the secret to those beautiful lashes.

 5: Mirror, Mirror, Mirror

After that, say hello to your ultimate sidekick – the magnifying mirror! Dive in up close and personal with your lashes, ensuring those extensions land perfectly. Time to dazzle!

6: The Finishing Touches

Once all your extensions are in place, give them a final once-over. Use a lash brush to comb through them, ensuring they're all aligned and facing the right direction.

7: Patience is a Virtue

Practice, practice, practice! Patience, too, as a matter of fact, is the secret sauce. If you're a newbie in the classic lash extension realm, don't fret if it takes a few rounds for that flawless finish!

Tools and Materials You'll Need for Classic Lash Extensions

Ready to embark on your classic lash extension journey? Let's gather your lash arsenal, because these tools and materials will transform your lashes into a work of art!

1: Lash Extension Kit

Alright, let's kickstart this lash adventure! First off, grab your FOXYWAVE lash extension kit, because this is key to a successful lash journey. These gems offer a range of lengths and styles, along with bond & seal, lash applicator, and lash remover. As a result, it's a full package for your journey to lash success!

2: Lash Bond

Time to reveal the game-changer: Lash Bond! Unlock that perfect link connecting your natural lashes and extensions. Embrace our FOXYWAVE bond – a premium adhesive, delivering strong, comfortable hold sans irritation. Above all, get ready to bond and shine brilliantly!

3: Lash Applicator

Get ready for precision galore, because the lash applicator is your trusty sidekick! These nifty fine-tip tweezers effortlessly handle individual lash extensions, turning the application into a joyful breeze.

4: Lash Brushes

Lash brushes are your trusty pals,  taming those lashes into neat, aligned perfection – a splendid prep for your stunning extensions.

5: Mirror

A good quality mirror is your best friend during the application process. Choose one that provides ample lighting, because a clear reflection ensures you don't miss a single lash.

6: Seal

After you've adorned each lash segment, sweep on a gentle coat of our Seal, because if we want a secure grip that can keep those lashes dancing happily for over 7 glorious days!

7: Lash Remover and Micro Brushes

Lash remover helps the lashes glide right off your natural lashes, therefore, no harm done to your beautiful natural lashes! 

8: Magnetic Lash Box

Keeping your lash extensions organized and safe in our magnetic lash box. A lash organizer makes the process smooth and efficient.


Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Naturally Stunning Classic Lash Extension Look

Brace yourself, because we're about to dive into the land of common mistakes to avoid!

1: The Over-Extension Extravaganza

Overloading your lashes with extensions can result in a heavy, unnatural look that's more drama than your favorite soap opera. Stick to a moderate number of extensions for a delicate charm.

2: The One-Size-Fits-All Illusion

Choosing extensions that are too long or too thick can lead to that "spidery" effect that's more Halloween than everyday glam. Opt for varying lengths and styles to mimic your natural lash pattern.

3: The Hasty Adhesive Application

Picture this:Extensions sticking out at odd angles, adhesive gobs, and a general mess. Take your time with each extension, because – bond, lash, seal, and repeat is everything!

4: The Sticky Situation

Adhesive bond overload is not your friend. Using too much adhesive bond not only results in visible globs but can also lead to extensions clumping together like they're at a party. A tiny coat is all you need for a seamless bond.

5: The Bonding Fiasco

Extensions that bond to your skin instead of your natural lashes? That's a big no-no. Ensure that each extension is properly attached to your natural lash, not your eyelid or the neighboring lashes.

6: The Cleaning Conundrum

Cleanliness is lashiness, but over-cleaning is not. Rubbing your eyes vigorously or using oil-based cleansers can loosen extensions and wreak havoc on your hard work. Opt for a gentle cleanser and a light touch.

In Conclusion

Congratulations, you've just graduated from the school of classic lash extension pitfalls! By avoiding these common mistakes, you're well on your way to rocking that natural yet captivating lash look. Remember, patience and practice are your allies – a dash of caution here, a sprinkle of expertise there, and you'll be batting those beautifully classic lashes with confidence!

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