Our Story

Hi Foxy Babe!

At FOXYWAVE, we believe beauty should be holistic, effortless, and fun. We  accomplish that by creating heatless hair tools & DIY lash extensions that make you look and feel your best without spending hours in front of the mirror.  

FOXYWAVE was founded near Seattle, Washington by Alexia Holeso  (@aloha_lexia) with nothing more than a spark of inspiration and a dream to  simplify one’s beauty routine amidst the hustle and bustle of our busy world. As a  schoolteacher, a constantly traveling military spouse, and full-time entrepreneur,  Alexia had little time left to get ready each morning. Like so many other women,  she loved looking and feeling good about herself every day - even though life  was non-stop, Alexia never left her house without having her hair, nails and lashes done.

This then led to the question in her head that started it all: “What can I do to  shorten my morning routine so that I can wake up ready and leave the house  stress-free while still looking amazing?” After many sleepless nights of planning,  the FOXYWAVE heatless hair curler & DIY lash extensions were born as the answer to this question.  Alexia created FOXYWAVE with the vision of helping busy babes who want to  simplify their morning routine so that they can get out of the door faster, conquer  their day, and LOOK AMAZING doing it. 

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